Pax Plus Review: #1 Vaporizer for 2023 (20% OFF) (2023)

The Pax Plus is the new vaporizer on the market. This is the company’s first big product launch in five years. The Pax 3 and Pax Plus have a similar design and are developed on the same platform; therefore, there have been few updates between them.

The Pax Plus costs $250 and can be used for dry herbs and concentrates. It is sold in a bundle with other accessories.


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    • 1.6 High-Tech Features
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    • 1.9 Cleaning and Upkeep
    • 1.10 Functionality and Vapor Standard
    • 1.11 The things that might have been done better:
  • 2 Pax Plus vs. Pax 3 vs Pax Mini
    • 2.1 Conclusion:
    • 2.2 Related posts:

PAX Plus Review

Inside the box:

What you get when you purchase a Pax Plus bundle:

  • The Pax Plus pocket vaporizer
  • One flat and one elevated mouthpiece
  • There are two options for the oven cover: “full oven” and “half oven.”
  • Concentrate insert
  • Powered via USB Type-C
  • A new screen, a cleaning brush, and an oven tool.

The oven lids, mouthpieces, and charging accessories for the Pax Plus and Pax 3 are interchangeable because of the same design of the two devices’ bodies (and the Pax Mini as well.)

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Feature and design:

The Pax Plus maintains the same classic and understated look as the original. Seriously, the identical style. It has the sleek simplicity of an “Apple” product. It’s simple to understand why Pax has been nicknamed “the iPhone of vaporizers” several times.

The Pax Plus has the same premium feel as an iPhone or Macbook, thanks to its aluminum unibody design. The four recognizable ‘petal’ shaped LEDs up front and the magnetic charging port reveal its only physical features. The vaporizer has a rounded rectangular form and is about 4 inches in height. It’s perfectly balanced in hand and small enough to stow away in the pocket.

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Pax plus oven:

The vape oven is located at the very bottom of the device and has a magnetic lid to cover it. It is constructed out of stainless steel and has a capacity of approximately half a gram or a quarter of a gram if the half oven cover is used.

Pax also comes with a concentrate insert, which means that it may be used with extract as well as dabs. On the other hand, extract often leaves a messy residue and a sticky feeling behind it. Therefore, experts recommend using the Pax for vaping flowers and a different vape pen for extracts.

Pax plus mouthpiece choices:

The mouthpiece is on the other side of the oven, with a similar design with flat and elevated mouthpiece possibilities. The Flat mouthpiece is flush with the top of the vape and has a tiny slot where you’d insert your lips.

The elevated mouthpiece is a bit more pleasant but will lower vapor output. The draw is more constricted with the flat mouthpiece, which limits airflow.

When air travels slowly, the heat builds up in the oven, enabling greater extraction and stronger vapor. That is why it’s encouraged to take calm and steady inhales while using a dry herb vape, or in other words- “sip, don’t rip.” Fast-moving air cools down the oven. A higher mouthpiece is favorable in terms of convenience, but the flat one is better in terms of performance.

Unpolluted Airway

The vapor route is manufactured out of stainless steel, which is of medical quality, and it can be found between the oven and the mouthpiece. It is protected from the outside and kept apart from the other components found on the inside, such as the battery and the heating element. This produces a clean air path, which maintains the integrity of the vapor and its taste.

High-Tech Features

Sensors in the vape go to standby mode (shown by a blue wavy “X”) whenever the device is not being used. Consequently, the vape mod can adjust to your preferred vaping method. It will continue to heat as long as you keep drawing from it.

To protect the battery and the flower, setting it down between puffs allows it to enter standby mode and adjust the temperature. Exiting standby mode and returning to the desired temperature can be accomplished by moving the device or beginning to inhale.

Pack an oven

Because the Pax is a conduction vaporizer, it functions most effectively when used in a densely populated oven. It can fit around half a gram into that space if packed appropriately. You may construct a little brick out of the flower by pressing it down with the oven tool. This will enhance the extraction and ensure that heat is transferred effectively.

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Use the lid that comes with the half-oven to administer your micro-doses. But regardless of the method you use, the secret to producing high-quality vapor is to pack the material so that it is compact and nothing leaks out, even if you move the device around.


The Pax may be turned on with a single squeeze of the mouthpiece, and its heating process, represented by a wavy Purple X, begins instantly. There are four modes of operation included with the Plus. Press and hold the power button for two seconds, then click once to switch between them.

  • Stealth mode is activated at the blue level, the lowest. LEDs are muted, and visible vapor is minimized.
  • The usual colors are green and yellow.
  • Plus Red, the maximum level, also known as Boost mode. That’s the concentration mode, too.

A second long push, or a shake, will confirm the new temperature setting and begin heating the device to that temperature. In other words, when the “X” goes green, you may start puffing away.

Cleaning and Upkeep

The Pax Plus requires a more complex cleaning method than some other vapes. The mouthpiece, oven, and vapor channel are the three major components that need to be cleaned. Alcohol wipes and pipe cleaners (both of which are included in Pax’s kit) will be used in the procedure. You don’t have to clean it thoroughly after every usage, but you should do it around once every ten to fifteen times you use it.

Devices like the Mighty+, Crafty+, and Arizer Air Max are “maintenance-free” in comparison. The vapor route is the mouthpiece, and with Air Max, it’s also an oven. More specifics can be found in the reviews themselves, although, in general, they need less effort when it comes to upkeep and cleaning.

Functionality and Vapor Standard

After using the Pax Plus for a few months, we can confirm that it is more effective at producing vapor and extracting than the Pax 3. In most cases, the first two hits are the best, extremely extensive in scope and taste. Then, like with every other dry herb vaporizer, the taste and vapor quality gradually deteriorate. The vapor starts to feel hot and harsh as the session winds down.

The vapor quality is high, but it can’t compare to what a bigger vape, like the Mighty+, can generate. However, Pax is just a fifth the size of the Mighty and costs around half as much. Compared to other vapes of similar size, the vapor quality produced by the Pax is far and away the greatest.

Twenty to thirty seconds is all it takes to become hot, and a single charge may power anywhere from six to eight uses. This is quite a feat given the Pax’s compact form factor, and the battery life exceeds expectations.

The things that might have been done better:

The lack of a heat sink causes Pax to overheat at the session’s conclusion, much as the IQ and Firefly 2. Fins on vaporizers like the Crafty and Mighty direct your fingertips away from the heating chamber and enable air to flow through, keeping the vape cool to the touch. Smaller vapes heat a lot faster.

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Several strategies exist to deal with the warming problem:

  • Since the vape oven is located at the bottom, it’s recommended that you hold the device by its upper half.
  • Having the Pax in your hand during pre-workout will allow the device’s internal heat to escape into your hand.
  • Lessen the heat or the pressure. Who would want to do that, though?!

The vape itself is great; however, the charger is the second major flaw we have with it. The lack of a USB-C charging port on this vaporizer is inexcusable. The magnetic charger is fantastic; however, it must be used in addition to a standard socket.

The magnetic charger uses a standard USB port, not USB-C, for charging. In our opinion, this isn’t in keeping with the brand’s “technology-forward” ethos. When traveling, leaving your Pax’s proprietary charger behind in a hotel room effectively renders the device useless.

Pax Plus vs. Pax 3 vs Pax Mini

Now, as we were saying before, almost everything is the same. I’ve made a few observations on the recent changes:

Pax modified the bottom screen to be a 3D screen, which only indicates that the corners are elevated to make it simpler to remove. We have observed a somewhat better extraction, which leads me to assume that some modifications have been made to the heating element. Pax does not give any information regarding what happened inside the machine.

In addition to the Pax Plus, Pax also introduced a more compact and streamlined model of the original Pax. The following is an explanation of the similarities and differences between the two versions:


  • Time required to heat up: around a minute and a half
  • Run time: 6-8 sessions
  • The Composition and the Surface
  • Charges generated by magnetism


  • Mini comes in at a savings of $100.
  • Mini is a little bit more diminutive.
  • The flower is the only option that will work with mini. Plus can also be used while working with concentrates.

Oven size:

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  • 25 on the Mini in comparison to.5 gr when using the Plus (or.25 when using the “half oven lid.”)
  • Term of the warranty: ten years plus two years. There are more accessories available for Mini Plus.
  • The Mini only has one heat setting, unlike the Plus’s four.


Although not much has changed since the Pax 3, the Pax Plus still provides the finest performance-to-size ratio of any portable dry herb vaporizer.

Pax could be better at something in particular, but it does a lot of things extremely well. It’s not the most efficient or flavorful vape, but it’s the best and most premium small-form vape on the market. It reliably accomplishes its intended purpose and lasts for quite some time.

Consider purchasing a bigger vape, like the Mighty+ or the Crafty+, if you do most of your vaping at home. In addition to being somewhat more potent, they also provide superior extraction. However, if you do most of your vaping away from home and value discretion and portability, the Pax is your best choice.

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Is Pax 3 better than PAX Plus? ›

Get the PAX 3 if you want all the bells and whistles and a little better battery performance. Get the PAX Plus if you want the latest gear and want tailored sessions without too many settings to mess with.

Are PAX vaporizer worth the money? ›

It's durable, discreet and has a great battery life that should satisfy most. The dry concentrate insert works surprisingly well - well enough for me to consider the PAX 3 one of the better dual-purpose portable vapes available. Even though it has a lot of features, we think it is a great vape for beginners.

Is there a better vape than PAX? ›

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is far bulkier than the Pax 3 and AirVape Legacy, but it produces the best-tasting vapors of any portable vaporizer we've tested. Because of its size, this model is likely to appeal to someone who plans to use it mainly at home.

What is better Pax 3 or Firefly 2 +? ›

The Pax 3 will allow you to vape through more bowls before you need to charge (between eight to ten, depending on your temperature settings), and the Firefly 2+ will get you through about four to six. While the Pax 3 has a longer battery life, it also takes much longer to charge.

Which PAX is the best? ›

The Pax 3 has been our top weed vape pick for quite some time. It was released in 2016, not long after its predecessor (the Pax 2). And there's a reason (a lot of reasons actually) that six years later it's still widely considered one of the best: it's just that damn good.

Is PAX like Juul? ›

Pax Labs was formed in June of 2017, when it spun out of JUUL as a separate and independent entity. At that time, JUUL Labs changed its name from PAX Labs, Inc. to JUUL Labs, Inc. and we took the name PAX Labs, Inc.

Why are PAX cartridges so expensive? ›

Quality Assurance. Without a doubt we nod our caps to Pax labs for their features which allow you to inspect and understand exactly which ingredients are found in your pod but obviously this is why they cost much more.

How long will a PAX last? ›

The PAX 3 Battery Powers Through Multiple Sessions

A single charge can last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions, depending on the selected temperature and dynamic mode. That's approximately 90 minutes of total operation.

Does PAX leave a smell? ›

Just like any other vaporizer, PAX vaporizers do have at least a bit of a mild smell. However, as long as you're in a well-ventilated area, the smell will usually disappear as soon as you quit actively producing vapor.

Why is PAX so popular? ›

Vape Quality

The main reason why the PAX 3 vaporizer is a popular buy is because of the quality of vape it produces. A lot of vaporizers produces vapor that doesn't taste good or even has a burnt taste or it just leaves a nasty aftertaste.

Why is Ikea out of PAX? ›

At IKEA, we're constantly evaluating our products to make room for new items and styles. Sadly, we discontinued PAX this month, so we're selling through all remaining stock in stores only. We hope this helps!

Is there going to be a PAX 4? ›

Pax 4 is coming in 2022, and they are setting up a new system to staff, distribute, shelf, sell, and provide customer support.

How many times can you hit a PAX 2? ›

How Many Hits Does PAX 2 Have? PAX 2 delivers around 20 hits per fully loaded chamber.

How many times can you hit a PAX 3? ›

PAX has also included a half-pack oven lid with the device, allowing users to pack smaller bowls for individual use. Compared with the standard oven size, which has the capacity for about 20 hits, this additional oven lid reduces the chamber size by half.

What is the newest PAX? ›

Introducing the New PAX Plus
  • With the new release of PAX Plus and PAX Mini, PAX has introduced the next generation of portable cannabis vaporizers. ...
  • PAX Plus packs a ton of features into a sleek, smart and simple design. ...
  • PAX Plus delivers full flower and potent concentrate experiences from the same device.
Nov 1, 2022

Do you get a lot of smoke with the PAX? ›

Answer: A minimum of 0.15g and a maximum of ~0.35g

When you fully pack it you can expect roughly 20 full draws before your herb is spent.

Is vaporizing flower healthier? ›

It's also believed that vapor contains fewer toxins than combusted smoke. According to Forbes, “There is irrefutable evidence that vaporizing cannabis flower is the least harmful consumption method.”

Is PAX vaping safe? ›

The oil inside Pax's new pods touches no metal. The only contact is with the ceramic heating element. (Tishler warns that any vape can still overheat and create carcinogens during combustion, but Pax-funded research has confirmed that the company's temperature control technologies prevent this.)

Is dry herb vaping bad for you? ›

This means you can get all of the good element from your herb by the heating temperature and prevent no toxic smoke created at all. There is also no worry about second-hand smoke, so people who around you will not be influenced. We could say that dry herb vaporizers do not pose any health risks.

Does PAX have CBD pods? ›

PAX™ Era Pods feature heat-control technology to ensure superior flavor. The Mary's and PAX relationship results in the ultimate vapor experience. Available in THC Blend, 3:1 CBD:THC Blend and 1:1 CBN:CBD.

How often should you change your PAX? ›

If you use PAX 2 regularly, we encourage a weekly clean for the perfect session every time. Your screen can be replaced whenever you feel like it - we recommend swapping out your screen every month or so.

Do PAX pods get you high? ›

Big vapor comes in small packages with Pax Era Pods. Once again, thanks to the twin coil design and open airflow, you're getting heavy and potent hits. Draw slowly to create heavy clouds and produce a high that will have you stoned to the bone.

Are there fake PAX pods? ›

A few pro tips: if you're buying black-market cartridges, remember that big brand-name companies like Kingpen, PAX Era and Stiiizy don't sell outside licensed shops in states with legal cannabis — if your dealer is offering them, there's a good chance they're counterfeit, and filled with possibly contaminated ...

How many times can you hit a PAX? ›

Each PAX Era pod contains . 5g of cannabis oil. Depending on the size of your puffs, a pod can support between 300 and 500 puffs.

Is PAX the same as vaping? ›

Pax Labs (formerly Ploom and stylized as PAX Labs) is an American electronic vaporizer company founded in 2007 that markets the Pax vaporizers. The company developed the Juul (pronounced jewel) e-cigarette; Juul Labs was spun out as a separate company in 2017.

What temperature is best for PAX? ›

Consider keeping the temperature in the 360°F range. Material preservation: Lower temperatures tend to consume your cannabis material at a lower rate, so if you want to maximize what's packed in the PAX 3's oven, keep your temperature on the lower end of the spectrum.

Does vaping stain teeth? ›

Can Vaping Stain Teeth? Much like smoking, vaping can make your teeth yellow. Nicotine in e-cigarettes can cause teeth to become deeply stained.

Is it okay to vape in the house? ›

Health harm

In contrast to the known harm from secondhand smoke, there's no evidence so far of harm to bystanders from exposure to e-cigarette vapour. The many harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke are either not contained in e-cigarette vapour at all, or are usually found at much lower levels.

How can you tell if someone is vaping in your house? ›

Sniff around for unfamiliar smells.

If you suspect someone in your home has vaped recently, smell their clothing or the area they were standing to try and catch a whiff. Nicotine vapes often have a sweet minty, fruity, or candy-like smell that is strong at first but fades over time.

What vaporizer does Snoop Dogg use? ›

Designed and Autographed by Snoop Dogg himself! An intricately designed roadmap of Long Beach is showcased on the G Pen and inside perimeter of the box, personalizing the collaboration with areas sentimental and nostalgic to the icon himself.

Why did Apple remove PAX? ›

Pax is launching a web app today capable of controlling its lineup of connected weed vapes. The launch comes six months after Pax's app was banned from the Apple App Store, when Apple decided to crack down on vaping apps amid nationwide concerns over vaping-related lung injuries.

What age is PAX good for? ›

A challenging and exciting read for an emotionally mature and able reader, perfect for a good age 10/11 plus reader.

Is Pax 2 worth it for the price? ›

The PAX 2 vaporizer is small, potent, and stylish. But is it worth it? If you're mostly concerned about features and portability, yes. If your focus is vapor quality, there are other vaporizers in the price range that perform better, but none of them will be as small with a big bowl and long battery life.

Does the PAX 3 smell less? ›

Just like any other vaporizer, PAX vaporizers do have at least a bit of a mild smell. However, as long as you're in a well-ventilated area, the smell will usually disappear as soon as you quit actively producing vapor. The exact level of smell depends on what you are doing with your PAX vape.

Does PAX 3 hide smell? ›

The answer is no. Although vaping your material will likely result in a subtle scent, it will quickly dissipate after your session.

How many hits is a full PAX 3? ›

The PAX 3 Battery Powers Through Multiple Sessions

A single charge can last anywhere from 8 to 10 sessions, depending on the selected temperature and dynamic mode. That's approximately 90 minutes of total operation. To check your battery life, gently shake the device to display battery level on the LED indicator light.

How many hits can you get from a PAX 3? ›

The PAX 3 has a 0.35g bowl size, or approximately one third of a gram, and that's plenty for a good, lengthy session. You can get around 20 dense draws from a fully packed oven and that's nothing to scoff at.


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