Is Ikea Furniture Any Good? (What To Expect) (2023)

Ikea has really tapped into the low-budget market by offering stylish furniture at a lower price point.

But, are you getting what you are paying for?

Ikea can sometimes get a bad reputation for having a few bad seeds among some really nice pieces. This has forced the question, is Ikea furniture actually a good deal?

Is Ikea Furniture Good Quality?

The quality of Ikea furniture is generally good. There have been several recalls over the years but if you assemble the pieces correctly they generally last as long as other furniture brands in the same price range.

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Here is the complete breakdown of what you can expect from Ikea furniture:

This way you can better know how to spend your precious furniture budget with no regrets!

3 Common Problems With Ikea Furniture

Is Ikea Furniture Any Good? (What To Expect) (1)

One of the best ways to know if Ikea furniture is right for you is to know what some of the common problems other people have.

However, it is important to remember that everyone’s experiences are going to be different. But, some common problems are pretty clear across the board.

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This is a helpful way to know what to look out for as well as to know what to avoid. Here are the most common problems that people tend to have with Ikea furniture:

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1) Difficult To Assemble

The number one thing you are going to hear about Ikea furniture is how hard it is to put together. There are several reasons for this. The first is that Ikea is a Swedish company, and while instructions have been translated into dozens of languages, sometimes things get lost in translation.

However, I personally have never found that the instructions of Ikea furniture are hard to follow simply because of the translation.

But, that doesn’t mean that others don’t have this problem. Along with written instructions, you will also find that there are step-by-step picture guides to help you along the way.

One thing to remember is that Ikea is able to keep the cost of furniture low because it is completely up to the customer to assemble their furniture. This means that you will have to put every single screw, bolt and support beam together on your own. One of the best ways to avoid problems when assembling Ikea furniture is to work with a friend.

This is especially true for larger pieces of furniture like bed frames and couches.

Yup – you will even have to assemble couches that you purchase from Ikea! Working with someone else can help streamline the process to make it easier. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on confusing instructions!

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2) Let Over Pieces

Along with hard to read instructions, people often find they are left with extra pieces after the finish putting together the furniture. But, leftover pieces doesn’t mean that you incorrectly assembled your furniture!

It’s commonly known that Ikea will often send more parts than is needed for assembly.

There are many theories as to why this may be. One is that because the furniture is shipped from across the world, they want to ensure that you just what you need. But, what do you do when you don’t have all the parts you need?

One thing that Ikea excels at is customer service.

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You can order replacement parts online or even search through “spare part” bins at stores. Also, if you find that you don’t have a manual or lost yours, you can download a new one online. While you will often have all the pieces you need, I understand how having leftovers can cause some anxiety. One thing you should do is always take inventory of pieces before you even assemble.

This way you can be sure you have everything you need (plus a little extra) before you even put your first piece together.

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3) Product Recalls

Another common problem that people find with Ikea furniture is knowing when it is safe to use. Ikea has been no stranger to controversy.

Most notably, when it comes to one of the more popular bedroom furniture lines. In fact, I’ve even owned several pieces from this line and have had to return them to the store.

Several years ago, it was discovered that the tall dressers that Ikea sells have a high risk of falling over. This has lead to several injuries and even a few deaths from the impact of a heavy dresser falling. In Ikea’s defense, they were quick to remedy the problem. But, it also should be noted that they still sell this particular line of dressers to this day.

In order to combat that weight problem, Ikea came up with a simple solution. This is to offer customers an anchor kit that would adhere the dresser to the wall to keep it from tipping. Customers had the option of securing the furniture to the wall or returning it for a full refund.

However, it isn’t only the dresser controversy that Ikea has had to deal with. They have had several products recalled over the years which has led people to not think that their furniture is as safe as it appears. But, Ikea has done a fairly decent job of staying on top of knowing what is safe and what isn’t.

If you still have concerns about the safety of a product, do some research before buying it!

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Tips For Buying The Ikea Furniture

Is Ikea Furniture Any Good? (What To Expect) (2)

While there are many common problems with Ikea furniture, there is still a ton of good. Ikea by scaler is large company. They offer everything from furniture to frozen food. So, it is only normal to have a few bad apples in the bunch. So, the bad shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying some of their fresh modern designs. But, how can you be sure that you are getting a good deal?

Finding the best that Ikea has to offer takes a little bit of leg work. Here are some of my best tips for finding great Ikea furniture. This way you can be sure that what you are getting is quality and affordable!

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1) Do Your Research!

One important thing to remember is that many of the issued people have with Ikea furniture comes down to user error.

So, this means that you won’t always have the same experience as others. The best way to know if the furniture is not being assembled properly due to human error or manufacturer error is to do some research!

You can read tons of reviews right from the Ikea website to help you know what is good and what isn’t. Along with the official Ikea website, there are a ton of fanatic sites too! People have dedicated blogs, Pinterest pages and even Instagram accounts to the popular retailer.

These resources are a great way to find tips and recommendations when it comes to Ikea furniture. You can also find unique ways that people have used their Ikea furniture. It is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about what is safe and easy to use for Ikea furnishings.

2) Know What To Avoid

Another way to know your purchase is safe at Ikea is to know what to look out for. The first thing you want to do is stay up to date on any Ikea recalls. Luckily for you, Ikea is pretty diligent about letting customers know what has been recalled.

Most of the time you will find posters stating what is no longer safe for sale right in Ikea stores.

While Ikea may not be selling these items anymore, other secondhand stores may still have them. This is why it is so important to know what is safe and not!

3) Quality Check When Buying!

Is Ikea Furniture Any Good? (What To Expect) (3)

Another thing to keep an eye on is the quality of the furniture you want to purchase. Ikea has a ton of options for furniture ranging from low-cost to high-cost.

The biggest difference between the budget items and the higher-priced items is quality.

But, how can you tell what is high quality?

The best way to know the quality of the furniture is to see what it is made out of. A good rule of thumb is to avoid furniture that is made with particleboard. Particleboard is made out of sawdust and wood chips that have been processed down into a piece of wood. But, this wood is not solid and can often fall apart over time.

I also try to buy furniture from Ikea that is made only with solid wood like oak.


This way you know that the furniture will last and will hold up for a long time. I remember I once bought a dresser from Ikea that was made almost entirely out of particleboard. I had only had it for a couple of weeks before I was set to move and the whole thing fell apart in the moving truck.

So, when it comes to quality, stick with the real thing!

Wrapping It Up!

No company is perfect. This is especially true for Ikea. While Ikea has caught some bad press over the years, you have to weigh the positives with the negatives. There are plenty of things for sale at Ikea that is not only great quality but, have a decent price as well. This way you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Still not convinced? Try taking a walk through an Ikea store.

While many people liken shopping at Ikea to a stressful experience, I love it. Seeing what trends are new that season and how furniture can transform a space is inspiring to me. But, you have to be smart about how you shop there. As long as you follow my tips and tricks you are in a pretty good place to find the perfect furniture for your home.

Good luck!

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Does IKEA make high quality furniture? ›

When you shop at IKEA, you should not expect to find heirloom quality furniture. While most of the products are certainly affordable, longevity is not typically a common attribute. (Very often affordability and quality do not go hand in hand unless you are buying used furniture.)

Is it worth it to buy IKEA furniture? ›

Over the years, Ikea products have been criticized for their poor quality and shoddy craftsmanship, which have resulted in allergic reactions, malfunctions, and in some cases, even tragic injuries. All told, it's enough to make even the most avid Ikea shopper think twice before buying certain products at the store.

Why is furniture from IKEA so cheap? ›

Bulk Production. One of the big costs that furniture companies must contend with is the cost of production — the labor and machinery involved do not come cheaply. IKEA keeps its prices to consumers low by producing many of the components in bulk, according to House Digest.

Is IKEA furniture good for long term? ›

It depends on the item and how you handle it. IKEA furniture is generally made from particle board or MDF, which will last 10-20 years. It's great to have affordable furniture that doesn't look bad from IKEA, most of my furniture is from IKEA. Other IKEA items made from other materials could last up to eight years.

Do interior designers use IKEA? ›

Interior designers: They're just like us—meaning yes, they shop at IKEA. Why? Because the Swedish home decor superstore that everyone loves actually nails it on a lot of what they sell.

Is IKEA furniture made of real wood? ›

Wood is the material most commonly associated with IKEA furniture, and for good reasons. We love working with wood not only because it's part of our Scandinavian design heritage – wood is an excellent material from a design, quality and environmental perspective, provided that it comes from responsibly managed forests.

What is the disadvantage of IKEA? ›

Con: low quality materials and construction

That being said, another reason for IKEA's low prices is the quality of its materials. Now, that doesn't mean all furniture and décor is poorly made. In fact, there are plenty of durable, quality items available, if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Why do people buy from IKEA? ›

Shoppers love IKEA because of how affordable its furniture is. Many IKEA products cost about half the price of competitors. Part of why IKEA's prices are so low is that it packs everything flat to save on storage and transportation costs. See what else IKEA does to keep its prices so low.

Why does IKEA have a good reputation? ›

IKEA is renowned for being transparent about its production process and designs and creates simple, good-quality furniture. The company is also known for paying the employees a living wage at the least. Like we said, it's a brand that cares about more than just profits.

Who is Ikeas biggest competitor? ›

Unique brands like Jysk, Kartell, and Williams-Sonoma are also IKEA's top competitors in 2021.
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  • Wayfair. Boston-based Wayfair is the biggest online shopping platform for home furnishings, décor, and appliances. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Ashley HomeStore. ...
  • Walmart. ...
  • Home Depot. ...
  • Restoration Hardware. ...
  • Kartell. ...
  • Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Is IKEA furniture made in China? ›

The five countries that supply the majority of products and services to IKEA are China, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

How is IKEA different from other furniture stores? ›

What makes IKEA so different from other furniture stores? IKEA was the first company to conceive of home furnishings as a lifestyle instead of individual stand-alone products. IKEA is not just furniture. It also includes a wide range of complimentary home furnishings related products.

What kind of wood is IKEA furniture made of? ›

IKEA offers many types of wood. However, IKEA is mostly known for its furniture pieces made of compressed wood chips that are pressed between plastic veneer. That said, IKEA has a large offer of solid wood such as pine, oak, birch, beech, or acacia.

How long does the average person spend at IKEA? ›

Here are a few tips to make it easier and take note: While store manager Trisha Bevering says the average consumer spends 2½ to 3 hours in an Ikea trip, you'll spend more time there if you haven't been to an Ikea before or even as you come to know the store. Pretend you're packing for a trip: Go light.

Why IKEA is the best furniture store? ›

IKEA offers low prices and a huge range of products, constantly introducing new product designs that look stylish in the eyes of customers. All the products are designed so they are easy to transport and assemble. Moreover, the company offers an extremely wide product range and positive shopping experience.

Where does IKEA get their furniture made? ›

Our products are manufactured around the world, with most of our goods and services coming from China, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. At IKEA, we use more than 1200 local furniture suppliers around the world, alongside 100 food suppliers and 275 suppliers of transport.

What design style is IKEA furniture? ›

MOST POPULAR: Modern & Mid-Century Modern Decor Idea

Many of the IKEA furniture sets come in modern and mid-century modern designs. This style seamlessly blends functionality and sleek composition. The sets are practical while also making a decor statement with their understated elegance.

Who does IKEA build furniture with? ›

Our products are designed to be assembled by you. That way, you'll save the most money. However, we've teamed up with TaskRabbit to provide even more options to assemble your IKEA furniture. Learn more here:

Is IKEA furniture laminate or wood? ›

Most Ikea furniture is made of laminate wood, which can be hard to work with but by sanding first, you'll find the job a doddle. After sanding, wipe down the furniture to get rid of the dust. Once your furniture has dried, you move onto the next step.

Does IKEA use veneer? ›

Ikea is known for its affordable furniture and much of it relies on veneers. A dresser will have a thin veneer of a fine wood masking a lesser-looking wood that is making up the structure of the dresser.

Is IKEA furniture made with formaldehyde? ›

As an international retailer, IKEA has a big responsibility. The ambition is always that all products must be safe and IKEA constantly works to improve the material and the production methods used. Formaldehyde is forbidden in all paint and lacquers used for IKEA products.

What are the issues with IKEA? ›

The pandemic limited growth in FY21, and IKEA retail sales benefited as the world re-opened. On the other hand, inflation and supply chain issues impacted FY22 sales, and lead to rising costs and higher prices. That means sales have grown in money, but sales quantities have not kept up.

What problems does IKEA face? ›

However, inflation and supply chain issues led to rising costs and higher prices, meaning sales quantities were down though they cost more and there were struggles to keep shelves full.

Why is IKEA being sued? ›

A class action lawsuit was filed against Ikea on May 6, 2020, alleging that the company marketed and sold millions of dressers it knew were prone to dangerous tip-overs, and then failed to issue adequate notifications and refunds to customers for the dressers after they were recalled in 2016.

Is IKEA cheap quality? ›

Material Quality

IKEA is known for their streamlined and affordable furniture products. Due to their low prices and the need for their items to be self-assembled, most of their wooden items feature specialty veneers over particle board.

Who is IKEA target customer? ›

Ikea Target Audience

Single people not living at home. Newly married couples. Families with the youngest child under six. Older married couples with dependent children.

What's the best thing about IKEA? ›

10 things to love about IKEA
  • Cheap, durable kiddie tableware. ...
  • Adorable throw pillows. ...
  • Organizational gems. ...
  • Furniture for the budget-minded. ...
  • Kitchen gadget steals. ...
  • Best shelving you'll find. ...
  • Haven for inspiring creativity. ...
  • Yummy Swedish meatballs. It's a proven fact that shopping makes you hungry.

Why there is so much hype about IKEA? ›

The colourful and wide range of products and its cheap prices make IKEA such a sought-after choice for customers. The way Indians buy furniture has changed over the years therefore the hype and popularity of stores like IKEA have increased.

Why was IKEA not successful in us? ›

Competition in general retail is gigantic, the cost of business is high, land is expensive, staffing costs are high and the furniture production industry is weak. In fact, after entering the U.S. market in 1985, IKEA spent a decade struggling with low sales. It didn't open a single new store between 1993 and 1999.

What is IKEA's most sold? ›

1. The Billy bookcase is the most ubiquitous piece of IKEA furniture. A Billy bookcase sells every 10 seconds, according to the New York Times. Why?

What is Ikeas reputation? ›

The Reputation Institute places Ikea No. 58 among the world's most reputable brands in its 2017 Global RepTrak 100 listing. And the more familiar people are with Ikea, the stronger its reputation.

What stores are comparable to IKEA? ›

14 Stores Like Ikea to Shop Right Now
  • Umbra. What They Sell: Functional, modern design for casual spaces. ...
  • 2modern. What They Sell: Luxe-minimalist furniture, decor and artwork. ...
  • Floyd Home. What They Sell: Durable, easy-to-assemble furniture. ...
  • H&m Home. ...
  • All Modern. ...
  • Article. ...
  • Blu Dot. ...
  • Amazon.
Mar 7, 2022

Where does IKEA get its wood? ›

IKEA also has its own foresters, who strive to ensure it is buying from well-managed forests. However, the company—which buys much of its wood in Scandinavia, Poland, Romania, China and Russia— has run into problems on its sustainability practices.

Who is IKEA owned by? ›

The IKEA brand is owned and managed by Inter IKEA Systems B.V., based in the Netherlands, owned by Inter IKEA Holding B.V. Inter IKEA Holding is also in charge of design, manufacturing and supply of IKEA products.

Where does IKEA get its raw materials? ›

We work closely with weavers and craftsmen and women in Vietnam, Indonesia, and China amongst others. Working with skilled artisans from around the world opens up doors for co-creation, inspiration and new production knowledge as well.

Why you think IKEA is better than its competitors? ›

Offering the lowest prices.

The global furniture retailer is able to offer low prices thanks to a combination of economies of scale and technological integration into various business processes.

Does IKEA use MDF in furniture? ›

While it's true that IKEA makes extensive use of MDF—they are the biggest users of MDF worldwide—this by no means makes them unique among cabinet manufacturers, nearly all of whom use some form of engineered sheet products in the construction of the basic cabinet boxes.

Does IKEA use particle board or MDF? ›

Much of the IKEA furniture is made from particleboard with a smooth, white finish. This densely compressed wood provides a lighter weight piece of furniture than solid wood.

Why is IKEA wood so light? ›

It uses far less raw material compared to solid constructions thanks to smart design and production solutions. A combination of different natural materials makes it lightweight which also saves on transport and simplifies handling.

What do I need to know before going to IKEA? ›

  • Don't Go to Ikea in July or August. Don't go to Ikea in July or August UNLESS you go on a weekday when the store opens. ...
  • One Room at a Time. ...
  • Bring a Tape Measure. ...
  • Know Before You Go. ...
  • Verify the Article Number for Each Item. ...
  • Items with Lots of Parts. ...
  • Best Time to Shop.

What is the best day to shop at IKEA? ›

Employees note that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are ideal. You can get these 15 home tech items at IKEA. If you must visit on the weekend, try going after 6 p.m. Some bloggers note that the weekend rush often clears out by dinner time, leaving much more room to browse.

Do you have to go all the way through IKEA? ›

It's not always possible to skip the showroom completely. Some items, like frames, dishes and storage containers, are only available on the upper floors. Most IKEA stores have an inner ring to help you avoid traversing the entire showroom. Walk the inner ring until you find the section that pertains to you.

Why does IKEA have cheap furniture? ›

Our lowest prices

By producing in high volumes with smarter designs and flat packaging, we can keep our costs down. That way, we can continue to offer affordable products at low prices without having to compromise on quality.

What is good quality at IKEA? ›

Material Quality

IKEA is known for their streamlined and affordable furniture products. Due to their low prices and the need for their items to be self-assembled, most of their wooden items feature specialty veneers over particle board.

What makes IKEA furniture different from stores? ›

IKEA is renowned for being transparent about its production process and designs and creates simple, good-quality furniture. The company is also known for paying the employees a living wage at the least. Like we said, it's a brand that cares about more than just profits.

Where does IKEA get its furniture from? ›

IKEA has more than 1200 furniture suppliers around the world, as well as 100 food product suppliers and 275 transport service providers. The five countries that supply the majority of products and services to IKEA are China, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

What is the most sold thing in IKEA? ›

1. Billy bookcase. The Billy bookcase has cemented itself firmly as one of the most popular products in the IKEA family. It is estimated that every five seconds, one Billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.

What does IKEA do better than its competitors? ›

Offering the lowest prices.

Cost effectiveness is one of the solid bases of IKEA competitive advantage.

What are the disadvantages of shopping at IKEA? ›

Con: low quality materials and construction

That being said, another reason for IKEA's low prices is the quality of its materials. Now, that doesn't mean all furniture and décor is poorly made. In fact, there are plenty of durable, quality items available, if you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Is IKEA known for being cheap? ›

Ikea is the iconic Swedish furniture brand known for its low prices, flat-pack shipping, and tiny screwdrivers. Millions of people have braved the maze-like big box store searching to furnish their first apartment or simply to find affordable Scandinavian home furnishings.

Is everything in IKEA made in China? ›

Our products are manufactured around the world, with most of our goods and services coming from China, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden. At IKEA, we use more than 1200 local furniture suppliers around the world, alongside 100 food suppliers and 275 suppliers of transport.

Is IKEA furniture made in USA? ›

Most of the operations, management of the stores, design and manufacture of furniture is run by a trust, INGKA Holding, headquartered in Delft, Holland. While most of the designs of IKEA products are made in Sweden, manufacturing has been outsourced to China and other Asian countries.

Does China make IKEA furniture? ›

China is a major anchor point for manufacturing in IKEA, with suppliers in the PRC manufacturing over 22% of IKEA's entire product range.


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